Gutter Cleaning

Are your gutters up to standard? SkyVac 85 is the world’s most powerful mains powered free-standing gutter cleaning machine designed to clean all of your gutters quickly and easily.



SkyVac – The world’s most powerful all-weather gutter cleaning technology

Risk-free gutter cleaning is easy with Premier Solutions

Whether you’re an owner-occupier, or you’re planning to rent out your property, investing in regular gutter cleaning ensures your property is better protected from water damage, mould and leaking pipes. Maintain the value of your property long term with SkyVac 85’s industrial-strength gutter cleaning technology.

Fast-acting industrial-strength gutter cleaning with Sky Vac technology

As the world’s most powerful mains powered free-standing gutter cleaning machine, Sky Vac offers fast-acting industrial-strength gutter cleaning for forward-thinking property owners. Let one of Premier Solutions’s gutter technician’s swing by and clean your gutters from the safety of the ground with our risk-free technology.


Get your gutters cleaned and cleared for as little as $179+GST (Single level home up to 200m2)*

*T&Cs apply

SkyVac 85 can remove any dry materials from your guttering all year round.


SkyVac’s all-weather technology has the ability to remove wet debris from gutters easily.

Safe & Efficient

SkyVac’s cutting-edge night vision video technology ensures risk-free gutter cleaning 24/7.

Did you know clogged guttering can cause roof leakage, mould growth and even damage to the structure of your home?

Gutters filled with dry debris can attract pests, rodents, and honeycombs from bee infestations too. To protect your property over the long term, regular gutter cleaning is essential.

Maintain the value of your home with SkyVac’s innovative gutter cleaning technology featuring real-time camera technology designed to clean your gutters from the safety of the ground. Our team of gutter technicians deliver a tidy finish every single time.