Positive pressure ventilation systems are a must for every modern home. A quality home ventilation system will filter out pollutants and keep the home drier, healthier and safer all year round.



Our home ventilation systems offer air circulation to improve air quality in the home through all seasons.

Protecting the environment with more energy efficient products.

Great indoor air quality is one of the essential requirements for your home and health. Without proper ventilation, moisture and VOCs become trapped inside your home, causing harmful organisms like mould and mildew to thrive, posing a risk to long-term health. EVOAQ ventilation works to continuously bring in filtered fresh air, reducing moisture and VOC levels and improving your health and wellbeing.

Our System

Conventional ventilation systems adjust their operation by what’s happening inside your house, with no regard for outside conditions. Our system looks at the air coming into the house, as what’s happening inside is just a guideline. This is the only system able to learn and adapt to its environment, automatically adjusting its operation so you don’t have to.

The heart of a healthy home.

Invest in your family’s health with a DVS® Home Ventilation System. For more than two decades we’ve been making homes healthier and more comfortable to live in.

The DVS Premium Connect

The DVS Premium Connect is a superior positive pressure ventilation system. Featuring DVS’s latest ventilation technology, you can now control your home’s humidity, temperature and air quality at the press of a button.

The DVS Climate-Controlled

The DVS Climate-Controlled system is an enhanced positive pressure ventilation system that senses the temperature and humidity in your home. This ventilation system cleverly reduces heat loss by adapting its fan speeds, keeping your home drier and warmer.